Thoughts on The Expanse

Spoilers for The Expanse will follow, I have read the books so some info that hasn’t appeared on the show yet may creep in - be aware.

I am a big fan of the books, I have been pre ordering the last few so I can read them as soon as possible, so my love of them undoubtedly clouds my judgements on the TV show. I am no professional critic so my verdict is based on just one thing, did I enjoy it and, sadly, I did not.


Writing - My other half hasn’t read the books and had difficulties following the plot of the show, and I can see why. This is not easy watching, you need to really concentrate on following all the characters and machinations, many casual viewers just aren’t going to do that unless they have some investment, it could have done with more character building before all the schemes and intrigues became apparent.

The camera work - I have read that the camera angles were done in such a way to invoke a claustrophobic feeling, but to really get that feeling we needed more wide shots of the larger areas to get more perspective and contrast. To me it felt more like they were hiding the background. Which brings me to...

Eros- What Eros station main level should looks like -


What we got was a dark room with some stalls set up. I am guessing that they had run out of money by then, Ceres must have cost a lot, not to mention the other sets - The Donnager, The Cant, Tycho.

Space - It seems to have gotten much smaller, they never gave the impression that it was taking weeks to travel between locations, more like a few hours in some cases.


Also Avasarala doesn’t swear enough and what happened to the hat?

To me though, all that could have been forgiven if they had got one thing right, The relationship between the crew of the Roci, they all seem to hate each other, Naomi doesnt like Amos, Amos doesn’t like Alex and no one likes Holden. Why are they even sticking together? It makes no sense. In the books they had problems with each other but at the end of the day each one knew that the others had their back.


The were things I liked, such as Wes Chatham’s Amos, going in I didn’t like the look of the casting but I think he has done a fine job.


So everyone, what did you think? How wrong am I?

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